Fyns MC Festival - Bikes and Guitars
We are ready again 14 - 17 august 2014
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Fyns MC Festival 2013
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Info in english

About the progamme this year

The Festival wishes you all a nice weekend.

The Clubs and organisation

Fyns MC Festival is organised by MC Clubs on Fyen and the city goverment in Odense.
We are once again proud to welcome new visitors and guests who already know our great party.
Everybody's welcome, no matter what bike you are riding.
The Festival is a non-profit organisation, we only do it for the fun of it!!!
All of us are working for free!
And our motto is simple:
Make the best party for you!!!

The Clubs:

Sjakket MC
Exterminators MC
Fraugde MC
Hagar MC
Zipcode MC
Knasten MC
Ottonia MC
Trykkogerne MC
Vennerne MC
Owners Club MC
Roots MC

Nimbus Club Fyn
Rotterne MC
Måtterne MC
Dragons MC
Young Punks MC
BMW Club
Ronkedor MC
Stige MC

Info in English

For Further information please write to morten@postenlive.dk

Nice to know.....

We open at thursday the 16th of august at noon. The bars and restaurants are open, and all bikers are welcome. There is Live Music and the party is on!!!!

How do I get there?
The Thousand Year Forrest is a beautyful area 5 minutes
drive from the center of Odense, situated close to the
outdoor swimming pools.
We recommend leaving the E45 motorway at junction 53,
and following the signs for the MC Festival.

Facilities and Camping rules
Large camping area where all are welcome, but because
of the stringent fire department stipulations we have to
follow the following guidelines:
· Only standard tents are allowed
· Caravans after MC are NOT allowed, large party tents and
pavilions are not allowed
· Tents must be put up only in areas specified for camping
· Only banners from our sponsors and Festival banners
may be erected
Cars are not allowed on the festivals area,
parking spaces are available outside the festival area
· All traffic on the festival area is your own responsibility

Toilets and showers
Toilets are situated on the camp site. After you have paid your entrance fee, you have free
use of the showers at the outdoor swimming pools.

We have 2 market streets with space for your buisness!!
If you sell motorcycel stuff or other interesting things for bikers, and want to have a space for your shop, please contact Kent on mail. mfr@post.tele.dk

How much?
Entrance is 250 dkr in presale, 300 dkr. at the entrance, this covers entrance to the Festival on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. It also includes breakfast and entrance to the outdoor swimming pools.
If you first arrive on saturday, the price is 150 dkr.
Presale: - Follow the link on the website.
Free entrance on Saturday from 10 until 18.

Credit card or cash?
There are two outdoor bars, where you can pay by cash
from 10,00 until 18,00 on Saturday. The rest of the time
you can only use Booze Cards at the bars. In the food tent
and the sales booths payment is made by cash.
For as long as the Bank is open, you can trade in your
Booze Cards. Cash machine on site.

For further information
www.fynsfestival.dk - morten@postenlive.dk
Østlund tel. +45 61 62 14 95
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